Clay Beehive | ceramic bud vase 5



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There is something very special about handmade ceramics and we think that these pieces are extra gorgeous. Entirely functional and totally beautiful. Why not start your collection today.


About Clay Beehive:

Mel discovered the beauty and possibilities of clay at a night class run by a local studio, and hasn't looked back. She now creates from her beautiful home in North-East Victoria, surrounded by her much-loved garden and lots of bees!


Product Details:

    • Size

      : approx 6cm diameter and 9cm high.
    • Material

      : Glazed clay.
    • Care Instructions

      • Most of these handmade ceramics dishwasher safe, although it is recommended to wash by hand in warm soapy water with a non-abrasive cloth to keep them in perfect condition. Rinse your pieces as soon as possible to prevent staining.
      • All pieces are microwave safe, EXCEPT anything with any lustre (gold/silver/platinum) - these items CANNOT be microwaved.
      • Thermal shock can occur with ceramic pieces that are transferred between hot and cold environments quickly. To use these ceramic pieces in the oven safely, do not pre-heat your oven but instead place in the oven cold and gradually heat it up. This will help prevent any cracking problems.
      • All glazes used are food safe and do not contain any lead.


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Thank you Clare & Joy!
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These cushions are so gorgeous, they are for my veranda sitting area and are generating a big pop of colour, love them Emma

Love love love!

Love my cushion. Now I want more to add to my collection!

Beautiful cushion with good delivery time. Thankyou. 🌴

Excellent service