Klaylife | dalilah bracelet | medium | charcoal,silver



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Classic and timeless jewellery design, combined with the gorgeously subtle colour and texture of the clay beads, equals perfection!

Australian jewellery designer, Elodie Darwish of élodie jewellery, works predominantly by hand in both precious and non-precious metals, creating pieces which are expressive, organic and always evolving. She is fascinated by the beauty of imperfection. Each bead that makes up Dalilah's Bracelet is hand rolled by the women of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Using raw clay, the beads are sun dried, kiln fired and dip dyed ensuring no two are the same.


Metal components are made from brushed gold plated or sterling silver plated brass.

*Please note that your beads won’t be perfect circles and the colours will vary slightly. Because the beads are porous, some will absorb the dye more than others creating a textured look we adore. 

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I have these in all colors - they’re all over my house. I love them! The green is a beautiful sage.


Excellent customer service, fast shipping, lovely packaging / wrapping. The heart is beautiful, I love it.

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