Muskhane | indreni felt ball | natural



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      Indreni means "rainbow" in Nepalese and this brightly coloured ball will bring joy to children and grown-ups alike. A fun object that can also be used to decorate your home.


      Designed in France and handmade in Nepal by local artisans using exclusively natural and renewable materials. Muskhane is Nepalese for "smile" and all of their products bring joy. Muskhane strives to leave a minimal footprint on the environment whilst making a positive impact on the lives of their partners through fair trade and sustainable commerce.


      Useful information:

      • Size: approx 20cm in diameter.
      • Material: 100% felted wool - a renewable material.
      • Care instructions: Hand-wash with damp sponge and soap. Squeeze out excess water. Do not machine wash.
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