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3 indoor plants we find hard to kill

October 30 2018 – Clare Scholes

3 indoor plants we find hard to kill
3 indoor plants we find hard to kill

We love the look of homes full of plants. Greenery adds so much life to a room and just gives it a fresh feeling.  But keeping them alive can be a real hassle - too much love and too little...we’ve been guilty of both.  But over our years of experimenting in both our homes and our shop, we’ve come up with three favourites that are almost impossible to kill.

mondocherry zanzibar indoor plant

Zanzibar plant. This was one of our most recent discoveries and we are absolutely sold.  This amazing plant survives on almost no water (the instructions on one I recently purchased say water one a month in summer and once every two months in winter!) and they tolerate dark areas.  We love them for their shiny leaves (give the occasional wipe to keep them looking their best) and their sculptural fronds.

mondocherry peace lily indoor plant

Peace lily.  An old favourite that seems to keep sending up new shoots even though you've ignored it for a while.  We water when the leaves start dropping a little.  If you want it to flower you need to give it plenty of light, but the leaves are so gorgeously lush that we love them even without the flowers. 

mondocherry devils ivy indoor plant

Devils Ivy.  This plant seems to be taking over my house.  It is perfect for when you want a trailing plant to break up the lines of a mantlepiece or shelves.  Ours seem to love a decent watering and not too much direct sunlight.  The best bit about this plant is that it is so easy to propagate.  Simply cut off a bit and place in a bottle or jar of water.  Pretty soon it will grow roots and then you can replant. Perfect!

Have you got a favourite indoor plant? And what are your top tips for keeping them alive?

Clare and Joy xx

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