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We are sisters, Clare and Joy. Growing up with creative parents meant that we spent many happy hours of our childhood painting, sewing, cutting and sticking. Our other favourite activity was playing shops where we made a complete mess of the house and forced our patient parents to be customers. Fast forward a couple of decades to 2006 after careers, international moves, marriages and children, we found ourselves once more living in the same country and started to create together again.
After a few years of experimentation and many failed attempts, we developed our signature artwork style. Our original collections are created from intricately cut and painted paper which we manipulate into various forms.

We find so much joy in exploring colour combinations, cutting, painting, layering – often being lead by the creative process itself. Sometimes we will have plans for an artwork which will completely change as we start work on the new piece and quite by accident, we stumble on new techniques that develop into new collections. 

A feature of all our work is the hand cutting and painting. Many people ask us why we continue to hand cut each component of our artwork when quicker ways such as laser cutting would mean far less work. For us cutting by hand is an important part of our creative journey. It means that we have been present for the entire process and of course it results in a piece that is truly handcrafted from start to finish, and therefore completely unique.
In 2012 we opened our Malvern shop with a passion to showcase the work of artisans and designers, both local and international as well as to display our own original artworks. We are obsessed with colours, enthusiastic about supporting faire trade and ethical designs, and passionate about timeless designs with stories.