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We are sisters, Clare and Joy, and while we now live thousands of kilometers apart (Clare in Melbourne and Joy in Singapore), we collaborate on our range of original artworks and fabric designs.

We find so much joy in exploring colour combinations, cutting, painting, layering – often being lead by the creative process itself. Sometimes we will have plans for an artwork which will completely change as we start work on the new piece and quite by accident, we stumble on new techniques that develop into new collections.

A feature of all our work is the hand cutting and painting.

Many people ask us why we continue to hand cut each component of our artwork when quicker ways such as laser cutting would mean far less work. For us cutting by hand is an important part of our creative journey. It means that we have been present for the entire process and of course it results in a piece that is truly handcrafted from start to finish, and therefore completely unique.

Our range of fabric designs, currently available in the form of cushions, floor cushions and lampshades, all start their life as one of our sketches or paintings. They are then brought to life at the boutique printing company, Frankie and Swiss. Each design is a limited edition run, and colours and designs change all the time to complement our current artwork collection.

In 2013, we opened our concept store in Claremont Ave, Malvern to showcase our original designs and also to feature local and international designers and artisans whose work we have fallen in love with.

There is no normal working day for us, which is just the way we like it! Fitting creative work around our (combined) 9 children, different time zones and countless Skype calls can have its challenges! But we love what we do and somehow it happens!

Thanks you for visiting! Don’t forget to pop back regularly to see our new collections.

Clare and Joy xx